The New Bento Graphics – Design with Taste

Bento Graphics - Relaunched & Updated Logo

Website Re-Design

Welcome to the new Bento Graphics website! This update has been simmering away for quite a while, but we believe we’ve cooked up quite a healthy feast for your eyes. We hope you like the tasty illustrations!

Website re-design is kind of like rearranging the furniture in your living room (or kitchen!) – it shouldn’t be done constantly (because that’s unnecessary and just too much work), but every couple years or so its helps to roll out a new and fresh layout.

Web design recipes and the technology menu changes – so do personal preferences and tastes – and a website with a fresh & crisp design can be one more way to effectively gather an audience around your table.

Logo Re-Design


Not only did we re-design our website, but we also updated our Bento Graphics logo! We hope the small logo evolution above illustrates our culinary roots.

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