FAB Meetup

FAB Meetup at FabCafe

Starting now we will be posting more WIP (work-in-progress) project material on our blog. We thought it might be fun to let visitors peep behind the curtain of design development.

In this case it’s sketches and logo versions we created during the design process of the new FAB Meetup logo (see the final version in the photo above: Stickers of the new FAB Meetup logo) .

FAB Meetup – Logo Sketches

FAB Meetup logo drafts

FAB Meetup – Logo Versions

FAB Meetup logo drafts FAB Meetup logo drafts

FAB Meetup – Final Logo

You can view the final FAB Meetup logo project here:

FAB Meetup – The Event

Coincidentally today is the first FAB Meetup in Tokyo for which the new logo was used. You are warmly welcome to join the event this evening.

Fab Meet up is a monthly event to share ideas and experience over a relaxing drink with the diverse crowd at FabCafe. At each event, 5 or 6 creators will make a short presentation related to the topic, “make” or “fab” (fabrication/fabricate). Everyone is welcome to join in the events!

When: 26th May 2015
Where: FabCafe Shibuya
Time: 20:00 – 22:00
Entrance fee: ¥1500 (one drink included)

Even if you do not read/speak Japanese you can get an impression which talks and screening to expect tonight from this detail page:

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