Happy 7th Birthday to us!

Bento Graphics Inc. - Logomark

7 years today since officially establishing! Although it’s been a pressure cooker at times we wouldn’t miss a second of it. Our founding date 8/8 is a lucky number in Japanese and we hope to benefit from this unfair advantage also in future.
Still peko-peko, still foolish!

Bento Graphics - Logo Evolution
Bento Graphics – Logo Evolution

To keep with the tradition we cooked up a small design and branding update. The website experience was cleaned up around the edges. Maybe we’ve been a bit too generous with the Tonkatsu sauce in the past. Out is the tasty but robotic Decima Mono font (and before then FF Magda Clean) and welcome to the mouth-watering GT Walsheim. The gt walsheim - capital G has a punch like fresh Wasabi!

We’re grateful for the continued support by our clients, collaborators, friends and sidecooks!

Team Bento

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