Bento Graphics is a Tokyo-based graphic design studio crafting compelling experiences from fine branding, illustration, UI/UX design and web development.

Founded 2006 in Tokyo.


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Creative Direction

All our projects start with a creative, compelling design concept. We love thinking. We’ll work with you to develop a pinpoint targeted design solution to tell your story.

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Corporate Identity Design

You deserve to look good when connecting with your audiences. We specialize in corporate identity design and branding, providing art direction, graphic design and concepts to make sure that you have the toolkit that you need to leave an impression.

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Planning & Information Architecture

We make project schedules, structure information, create user flows and wireframes to ensure that your project roadmap is free of obstacles.

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UI/UX Design

Users need to focus on the task, not the tool. We start from the user, designing experiences and interfaces that are simple and intuitive.

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Responsive Web Design

We’re not happy until your website looks truly stunning, on all devices. That’s why we take a mobile-first, fully responsive approach to web design.

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Multilingual Websites

Hello! こんにちは! Hallo! Salut! 안녕하세요! Hej! здравствуйте! 你好!
Have audiences from around the world? We’ll make your website look good, in all languages.

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Illustration, Photography, Video, Animation & Print

Sometimes words just don’t do the trick. We create stunning visuals to help you clearly and effectively reach your audiences.

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Consulting, Strategy & QA

Apart from our services above we also offer standalone consulting, direction and quality assurance. This may be interesting for clients who need assistance with strategy, post development review or have their own inhouse designer/developer team.

Bento Graphics - About - Bento Box

Other projects we founded & support:

Design Made in Japan - Logo
Design Made In Japan

An online magazine on Japanese design.

Tokyo Signs - Logo
Tokyo Signs

A brand for products inspired by the streets of Tokyo.

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