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The TiWiKi Design website was launched just on time for the Design Tide 2009, which is a large annual design fair based in Tokyo.  The design studio attended with the code:TiWiKi project in collaboration with Kollektiv Tokio.

TiWiKi DESIGN is a creative agency cherishing ideas to develop original and cheerful products. The creative process is focused on experimentations, modeling and prototyping,  to carefully mature ideas…

The design concept for the website emerged while watching the busy TiWiKi folks pursuing their work. There is always an incredible amount of tools, glues, paints and such, involved. The tools to be seen on the website are all actual tools which are used frequently at TiWiKi Design.

The website is based on the WordPress CMS which allows for RSS feed generation, commenting, a sliding gallery function with thumbnail generation and easy updates amongst other things. The website also features an e-commerce online shop were you can find cheerful handmade design products.

TiWiKi Design Tokyo - Product: “Brûle ton chien TiWiKi Design Tokyo - Product: T-Shirts TiWiKi Design Tokyo - Code:Tiwiki - Design Tide 2009 TiWiKi Design Tokyo - About TiWiKi Design Tokyo - E-commerce Online Shop TiWiKi Design Tokyo - E-commerce Online Shop TiWiKi Design Tokyo - E-commerce Online Shop

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