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This project was about creating a dominant online “Directory of Asia`s Top Recruiters.” The ideas was to create a thorough listing of recruiters active in the Asian markets. The platform should allow recruiters to present themselves and for job-seekers to explore job opportunities.

An entry on RecuiterDB should feature their expertise, geographical area of operation, languages spoken and searched for, job listings for each recruiter, contact information and also photo contents. The RecruiterDB interface was planned to support English, Japanese and Chinese. The project was commissioned by Catus Japan, a Tokyo based consulting and recruitment firm.

I was responsible for corporate identity development, information architecture, wireframe design, final graphic design, web design, standard-compliant XHMTL/CSS templates. The layout of the site is based on a 7 column design grid. The strictly minimal design of the site uses a lot of white space and refined typography for good legibility and intuitive navigation. CMS integration was done by a third party.

Unfortunately the project was put on hold for the time being.

Below are drafts of the corporate identity development, in process:
RecruiterDB - Style Guide Draft - Matching

RecruiterDB - Style Guide Draft - SearchRecruiterDB - Style Guide Draft - Typography

Images of the final XHTML/CSS templates:
RecruiterDB - Recruiter Profile

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