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Parissa Haghirian is an Austrian professor with a lecturship at Sophia University in Tokyo. She currently teaches international management and is actively building her personal brand image as a lecturer, author and coach.

The first part was to create a distinctive visual identity for her as a striving author, lecturer and coach. Some of the keywords for the visual identity were: International (management), Asia<->Europe, writing and letters (also Asian alphabets), feminine, friendly but well-organised, serious but not boring.

In the second part, I applied the final identity design to her new website. This English-German bilingual website is run on the WordPress CMS/blog platform and can conveniently be updated by the client. It features a start page which reflects the recent activities and postings of the site. All areas of the site display distinctive icons and decorative graphic elements appear in random order. RSS feeds are customised and the user can subscribe to separate feeds for the English and German entries of the site.

The set-up of the site included HTML & CSS coding as well as basic PHP customisations and WordPress template design.

A Japanese language section will be integrated in the future.

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