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This research project was created during a 3-month study residence in Japan (Nagoya). It is a website about Japanese interior and houshold appliances. We compared three different kinds of dwellings: A paper-made old fashioned Japanese house from about 1900, a 70’s apartment in a 3 story building and a modern apartment in a highrise block from 2000. As an introduction I compared the climate and geographical particularities of Tokyo and Berlin.

Also I roughly outlined the Japanese history of architecure and the phenomena of the declining Tatami space in newer apartments.

This project is in German language (to view the site click the logo above or the link in the info box to the right).Nippon Domestik - Intro BuildingsNippon Domestik - Intro ClimaNippon Domestik - Intro TatamiNippon Domestik - 70`s Japanese BuildingNippon Domestik - 70`s Japanese Building - BathtubNippon Domestik - 70`s Japanese Building - SlippersNippon Domestik - 70`s Japanese Building - HaitatsuNippon Domestik - Old Japanese Paper BuildingNippon Domestik - Old Japanese Paper Building - ToiletNippon Domestik - Modern Japanese BuildingNippon Domestik - Modern Japanese Building - Emergency Hatch

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