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Gozi Ochonogor is a wellknown Nigerian fashion designer based in Tokyo. “She started designing her own clothes while still studying, selling them at west London’s Portobello Market and acquiring several retail customers in Paris and Japan.”

Her new website is divided into the GOZI and the UMI-1 label, which are basically separate websites. The GOZI label is on stand by, whereas the UMI-1 label is actively developed right now.
On her UMI-1 (you.me.one) label Gozi collaborates with a Japanese artist for each collection. This fact was taken into consideration when designing her site. On the collection pages a hidden layer with information about the collaboration artist can be revealed. Hence the look of each added collection page will change through the imagery of the collaboration artist. The collection pages also feature a Flash based gallery with a zooming function. The collections can be viewed in a fullscreen mode too (when choosing from the right-mouse click popdown-menu) and navigated with they keyboard (arrow and blank keys).

The project included all design, HTML/CSS, costumization of the Flash based collection gallery, Javascript coding (using the Jquery Javascript framework) and sIFR for Flash headline replacements.

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