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“Alltagsfantasien” (roughly: Everyday-Fantasies) is a German-language blogging project of up & coming writer Sonning Strauß.

The quite extensive identity development process followed the web design for this WordPress CMS based blog site. It turned out that an every-day-doodle as a logo was the best choice for his purpose and earned the most sympathy amongst his colleagues. Also the fact that one easily starts doodling while absorbed by a daydream (or fantasy) has a nice touch to it.

The design idea of the blog is – obviously – centred around the writers pad. The category menu is made up of post-it notes which allow re-sorting to view articles of only one particular category. When using the next/previous article links the post-it navigation will indicate the category of the displayed article.

This “digital writer pad” is also meant to records the progress of his upcoming book release called “Digitale Verwahrlosung” (roughly: State of Digital Negligence). But he will also share “every-day-poetry” as he calls it. The commenting function of a blog platform, as well as RSS feed and email subscription allows him to gather a following as a 21th century writer.

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