AlienStart - Home Page is an Internet upstart-company based in Tokyo. AlienStarts concept is to unify the most used web activities under one umbrella. The web application allows access to Email, RSS, social-networking and such from one administration interface.

An important feature is the “temporal” feeding of RSS-subscribed news content to it`s users. In a nutshell, this feature is a reversed StumbleUpon, where the user will be presented with news from sources of his liking in a sequential way, thus avoiding to overwhelm the user with all news content at once. This feature was coined “temporal portal”.

A second feature of AlienStart is a new standard plugin architecture which will allow developers to write sand-boxed custom widgets to add new services.

A third feature “Accessibility” will allow users to access the application from most mobile devices and others – still unsupported – browsers.

Bento Graphics was commissioned to provide the corporate identity design, lots of playful information graphics & illustrations to better explain this new type of service and also to overhaul the existing site design (without the actual site implementation). Part of the illustrations was the character development of an friendly alien-monster which serves as a mascot to the site. The various application features are explained as a narrative showing the mascot on his travel through the universe.

Note: is still under heavy development (interface design implementation and actual functionality) and is not in the launch phase yet.

AlienStart - Corporate Identity Design AlienStart - Corporate Identity Design - Icon Designs


AlienStart - Temporal Portal - Information Overload AlienStart - Temporal Portal - Sign-up and Setup AlienStart - Temporal Portal - Subscribe to Content AlienStart - Temporal Portal - Prioritise RSS Content Feeds AlienStart - Temporal Porta - Enjoy sequential RSS feed content AlienStart - Widgets - Little Helpers AlienStart - Widgets - Overcoming Incompatibilities AlienStart  - The Standardised Widget Hub AlienStart  - Let the Widgets talk! AlienStart- Accessibility - Platform Incompatibilities AlienStart - Accessibility - The Protection Shield AlienStart - Accessibility  - Any Platform

Mascot Character Developement

AlienStart - Mascot Character Development AlienStart - Mascot Character Development AlienStart - Mascot Character Development AlienStart - Mascot Character Development AlienStart - Mascot Character Development

Administration Interface

AlienStart - Administration - User Profile AlienStart - Administration - User Account Dashboard AlienStart - Administration - Bookmarks Folder AlienStart - Administration - Widget Activation

Misc. Pages

AlienStart - About Page - FAQ AlienStart - About Page  - Bookmarklets AlienStart - About Page - User Comments

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