TiWiKi at Design Tide

Tiwiki Design at Design Tide

My office colleagues of the product design studio TiWiKi Design and Kollektiv Tokio are attending this years Design Tide with a very interesting project called code: TiWiKi. A “TiWiKi” is the funny little figure on the flyer above. Read below for more information:

There are three hundred TiWiKis in Shibuya, Tokyo. They are ready to explore the world but they can’t do this without your help! Thanks to a map showing each TiWiKi’s original location you can meet one of them. Stuck to its back TiWiKi has a personal I.D. code that you can scan to find out who they are. Take these little chubby creatures on a journey with you and take their picture in different places. By uploading those images onto codetiwiki.com, TiWiKi’s adventures can be followed.


Also, I just relaunched the new TiWiKi Design website.
Take a look here (some content still missing): www.tiwiki-design.com.

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