tiny update

A new portfolio project is online: the business cards design for WA-Associates. There will be more to be heard of WA-Associates this year. Possibly another website and other print materials upcoming.

By the way:
I slightly changed the layout of this site to make more room for the actual content. Site-headers are a thing of the past ;) All headlines on this site now use sIFR in order to make this site more accessible. sIFR allows the usage of other fonts apart from the operating system fonts. I might use this technology more often for other upcoming websites too. Also, I placed a QR-code on my contact page, which is hugely popular in Japan and can be found on nearly every product or flyer. QR-codes can be scanned i.e. by mobile phones to access data about products or services including address details. Finally, from now you should be able to access this site via your mobile phone too.

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