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Website Re-Design

Welcome to the new Bento Graphics website! This update has been simmering away for quite a while, but we believe we’ve cooked up quite a healthy feast for your eyes. We hope you like the tasty illustrations!

Website re-design is kind of like rearranging the furniture in your living room (or kitchen!) – it shouldn’t be done constantly (because that’s unnecessary and just too much work), but every couple years or so its helps to roll out a new and fresh layout.

Web design recipes and the technology menu changes – so do personal preferences and tastes – and a website with a fresh & crisp design can be one more way to effectively gather an audience around your table.

Logo Re-Design


Not only did we re-design our website, but we also updated our Bento Graphics logo! We hope the small logo evolution above illustrates our culinary roots.

FAB Meetup

FAB Meetup at FabCafe

Starting now we will be posting more WIP (work-in-progress) project material on our blog. We thought it might be fun to let visitors peep behind the curtain of design development.

In this case it’s sketches and logo versions we created during the design process of the new FAB Meetup logo (see the final version in the photo above: Stickers of the new FAB Meetup logo) .

FAB Meetup – Logo Sketches

FAB Meetup logo drafts

FAB Meetup – Logo Versions

FAB Meetup logo drafts FAB Meetup logo drafts

FAB Meetup – Final Logo

You can view the final FAB Meetup logo project here:

FAB Meetup – The Event

Coincidentally today is the first FAB Meetup in Tokyo for which the new logo was used. You are warmly welcome to join the event this evening.

Fab Meet up is a monthly event to share ideas and experience over a relaxing drink with the diverse crowd at FabCafe. At each event, 5 or 6 creators will make a short presentation related to the topic, “make” or “fab” (fabrication/fabricate). Everyone is welcome to join in the events!

When: 26th May 2015
Where: FabCafe Shibuya
Time: 20:00 – 22:00
Entrance fee: ¥1500 (one drink included)

Even if you do not read/speak Japanese you can get an impression which talks and screening to expect tonight from this detail page:

Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year 2015 - From Bento Graphics

Wishing you a Happy New Year!


Especially everyone involved with Bento Graphics: esteemed clients, collaborators, partners in crime and friends.

2014 has been an eventful year with lots of interesting new developments for us. We also started working with several new clients, many of them on a regular basis (in alphabetical order, some projects still in progress):

  • DAAD – Website updates for the German academic exchange service for Japan.
  • Degica – Identity design development, responsive web design as well as English/Japanese copy writing for this IT company and new contender to make ecommerce payments easier and cheaper for the Japanese market.
  • General Union – Illustrations and graphic design for this labour union covering the Kansai area in Japan.
  • Google Asia Pacific – Visual sourcing service for both photos and illustrations.
  • Google Japan – Illustration for the Japan election information pages 2014.
  • Home for All – Identity design, interface design and responsive web development for this newly formed NPO backed by the elite of Japanese and international architects based in Japan.
  • Interac – Recruitment campaign graphics for Japan’s largest private provider of professional foreign teachers to the Japanese government through its ALT program.
  • Just Legal – Identity design brush-up, website interface design and custom photo selection for this new legal recruitment firm based in Tokyo.
  • KOH Cosmetics – Among others items a backlit display of their sales counter for this Dutch cosmetics brand poised to break into the Japanese market.
  • Matsumoto Accounting – Interface and responsive web design as well as an extensive custom photo shoot for this Japanese accounting and consulting firm.
  • Pecha Kucha – We are providing most of the design for this well-known international event format with the famous 20 x 20 slides formula.
  • The Japan Times – We provided maintenance for the responsive website of the largest English language newspaper in Japan and launched a large new section this year called City Guide which lists the best in local events and places for Japan.
  • Univa Captial – Providing print to web design and everything in-between for this federation comprised of 30 group companies in 12 businesses, from health care to advertising.
  • X – Confidential UX and interface overhaul project for the Japan branch of a global provider of legal IT software.

We will start posting new portfolio projects (time permitting) over the coming weeks and month.

Wishing all of you a fantastic start in the Year of the Sheep 2015!

Warmest Wishes,
Team Bento

In case you missed it, check out our New Years post over at DMIJ (Design Made in Japan), a collaborative web magazine on Japanese design, which we also launched in early 2014. Find the post here.


HOME-FOR-ALL introduced at Pecha Kucha (TDW Edition)


Pecha Kucha Night – the global creative event with the famous 20 x 20 slide format – took place at this years Tokyo Design Week, a showcase and exhibition of international and Japanese design inventions.

We were happy to see the introduction of HOME-FOR-ALL, for which we created the identity design and a micros-site. HOME-FOR-ALL is a new NPO created to support community centers in the Tohoku region, more information here:

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