Minimal Tokyo vs. Uplink Collaboration feat. Bento Graphics Live Visuals and Graphics


Please be warmly invited to the next Minimal Tokyo event on Saturday, 1th November 2008 at SuperDeluxe/Tokyo. This time it is a collaboration with Uplink, an Tokyo (Shibuya) based art center, DVD label and cinema theater.

The event will consist of two parts, the first half of the evening will be talks, screenings and discussions as well as the official “Max Hattler vs. Rober Seidel” DVD release announcement. The second half will be a club event featuring performances of the Minimal Tokyo resident team and guest DJs/VJs.

Bentographics is providing the cover graphic for the upcoming “Max Hattler vs. Robert Seidel” DVD as well as the event flyer and a live visual performance. View the flyer here:

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