Malin Baumann – deCONSTRUCT

Malin Baumann / The Baustudio exhibition “deCONSTRUCT”

Malin Baumann / The Baustudio exhibition


In a few months I am leaving Japan after six years of living and working here.
This exhibition is an opportunity for me to showcase projects I have been working on and also to make use of some of the materials and ideas I have accumulated during this time.
※ Since I came to Japan I have been developing an idea/concept that I call “Constructionisms” .
Constructionisms can mean many things, but at the core is that a structure should be true to its materials, purpose and the individual needs of the people using it, with a nostalgic preference to houses/workshops, where the professional and private lives of people are still visibly connected. I also use it as a projection of imagination and dreams, for myself and for society in general.
Wherever I go, I photograph houses and buildings. All these photos have accumulated into quite a big collection from different parts of Japan. As I am about to leave and move to a new place, of course the architecture around me will also change. Therefore, it feels right to take this opportunity to show a selection and series of works built from the material gathered in this country.
Earlier outcomes of the concept of “Constructionisms” have been drawings of houses and a 3D model of one drawing, which together with the new works show the different angles and development of the concept.

“Constructionisms” : drawings, 3D House, photo collage, house portraits. “Tanjogaoka” : renovation photos of our house, video/animation
I will set up a studio space and work on a new pattern collection during the whole week of the exhibition, I will make samples and print fabrics and paper.
“Scriptions” and “Classics” brooches, ear pendants, bow-ties and panels will be available for purchase.

※”constructionisms” is an ongoing project in form of drawings, graphic artworks but also installations and actual constructions.
it is like a knot connecting two major threads in my imaginary; the obsession with all sorts of buildings and architectural structures and the dream of and the constant search for the perfect place, a combination between the nostalgia of the past and the hope of the future.

1-32-17 UNS Bldg, Komaba, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 153-0041 Japan
Tel : +81 (0)3 3481 5518 E-mail :
Fax : +81 (0)3 3481 6255

Thursday 17th – Friday 25th of May 2012
OPEN:11:00 – 19:00

※Malin will be present working in the studio space during the whole exhibition.

Reception party:
17th May 18:00 – 21:00

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