Hors Pistes Tokyo vs.
Tomodachi Calling

Hors Pistes Tokyo vs. Tomodachi Calling

> June 4th (Sat.) @ M Event Space & Bar: Fashion Workshop

15:00-19:00: Workshop “live creation of a Hors Pistes Tokyo collection”
Ft. Andrea Crews (Maroussia & Anji) & Yoruko Banzai
in collaboration with: American Apparel & Tomodachi Calling*

*the best pieces of the collection will be sold via Tomodachi Calling‘s webshop for Japan Earthquake relief

Entrance: FREE
WANTED: Everyone, come and participate to the workshop!

> June 5th (Sun) @ M Event Space & Bar: Fashion Workshop and Lounge

17:00-20:00: Workshop “Extreme Styling”
Andrea Crews Casting with American Apparel, Photo Shoots & Lounge Party
with: Andrea Crews (Maroussia & Anji)
in collaboration with: American Apparel & Tomodachi Calling
Entrance: FREE

WANTED: Cast! Everyone, come and mix your own “Andrea Crews style”
with Andrea Crews and American Apparel clothes!

20:00-: Lounge party at M Event Space & Bar

Andrea Crews presents Hors Pistes workshops in Tokyo!
June 4 & 5, 2011 at M Event Space & Bar (Daikanyama)

Based in Belleville (Paris, France), Andrea Crews is a collective led by Maroussia Rebecq who works in art as well as in fashion federating women stylists, designers, musicians, video directors and performers. Combining many aspects of contemporary creation, she presents and stages her collections as performances, happenings and video clips. Contrary to the prevailing uniformity, Andrea Crews emphasizes personal creativity, experimentation and independence. In this way Andrea Crews asserts its own position as a conceptual and alternative fashion designer.

Guest of Hors Pistes 2010 in Paris, Andrea Crews proposes, for Hors Pistes Tokyo 2011, to set up a live creation workshop during which American Apparel dead stock of clothes will be transformed into delightful and original Hors Pistes Tokyo Collection with the complicity of Tomodachi Calling and Yoruko Banzai (June 4th) as well as an Andrea Crews Casting – Extreme styling! workshop, inviting the audience to dress up and mix some pieces of her collection with American Apparel basics (June 5th). The audience is invited to participate to the creating process with Maroussia, Anji and Yoruko Banzai by customizing American Apparel clothes with painting, felt-tip pens, etc…(4th), and to be a one afternoon model by trying on their favorite clothes (5th).

Maroussia, being sensitive to the recent tragedy up North, asked that the best of this original collection be auctioned on Tomodachi Calling’s website as a contribution to their initiative to support the Tohoku recovery.


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