Hattler & Seidel Japan Tour 2008

Hattler & Seidel Japan Tour 2008

My dear good friend Max Hattler and his sidekick Robert Seidel, both award-winning film makers, animators and VJs launching a Japan tour from 21. April – 28. May 2008. They will be roaming the streets of Tokyo till 10th of May, with several scheduled VJ-events, screenings and talks. After the 10th May they will continue their tour in the Kansai area (Osaka, Kobe etc). I will partly join them on their tour and perform live-visuals back to back with them at Roots Club / Café Spark in Kobe on the 23th May 2008.

On 23th April will be the in-official tour launch party in club Le Baron (Tokyo) with live visuals by Max Hattler, Rober Seidel as well as moi and others. This event is guest only. Below are a few other events they are participating in Tokyo:

  • Thu 24 April // Presentation at Pecha Kucha Night, SuperDeluxe // Tokyo
  • Wed 7 May, 19h // Screening + talk at Uplink Factory // Tokyo
  • Thu 8 May, 19h // Screening + talk at Uplink Factory // Tokyo
  • Sat 10 May // AV live set with Salmon (JP) at Minimal Tokyo, Liquid Rooms // Tokyo
  • Please download and spread their official press release (PDF) here:

Download the official tour flyer here:

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