Exhibition: The Garden as Science Fiction Vol.2

Exhibition - The Garden as Science Fiction - Ai Kurahashi & Sebastian Meyer
Be warmly invited to the exhibition of fellow creator Ai Kurahashi and photographer Sebastian Meyer.

ON ZA LINE The 5th Collection
The Garden as Science Fiction Vol.2

with Photography by Sebastian Mayer SM/AEIOU

Venue: ROCKET – www.rocket-jp.com
Date: 11th (Fri) -15th (Tue) ?December 2009 /12:00-19:30

★Opening Party: 11th (Fri) December 2009 /18:00-20:00

“The Garden as Science Fiction” is a series of works which represent the life of those who yearn for nature and their immediate future to be one of “Science Fiction.” In this exhibition, we have added new works to the collection we announced last fall under the same title. We feel we can never complete this series, however this will be our very first collection.

This time, the work of ON ZA LINE is linked and exhibited with the work of German photographer Sebastian Mayer SM/AEIOU. We hope you will enjoy the world of “The Garden as Science Fiction” ever more.

This is a completely new exhibition which takes place only once a year. Please don’t miss this exhibition as it runs only for five days.

Sebastian Mayer SM/AEIOU

Sebastian Mayer is a photographer and creative artist from Berlin. His works has been published in magazines and newspapers such as The New York Times, The Wire, Spex, Dazed & Confused as well as Leica Fotografie International. Mayer is known for his stylistically reduced, simplified photographs and works with a basic theme of portraiture. His favorite motif is one of artists, musicians and other bizarre people encountered on his travels through Europe, South and North America and Japan. Currently, Mayer resides in Tokyo and is working on a book for publication.

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