Bento Graphics – Mobile-First Site Update

Bento Graphics Tokyo - Responsive Web Design / Mobile First

Bento Graphics has been re-launched!

Quite a few juicy technologies and development approaches have been put into practise:

  • Responsive Web Design, website adapts to screen size of device i.e. desktop, tablet and mobile.
  • Mobile First Development, optimised for speed with minimum page loads and HTTP requests.
  • Therefore Future Friendly, upcoming mobile devices are mostly supported.
  • Highly accessible HTML5/CSS2/3 development. Accessible even without Javascript.
  • Fine-tuned typography presets for best reading experience.
  • Custom icon font sub-setting, minimised loading and crisp on high-density screens i.e. Retina™
  • Customised mobile navigation for best experience on touch screen devices.

It’s the first site update in roughly 5 years and the accumulation of a lot of research and learning over the last year.

To see all mobile version resize your browser window or use this handy tool:

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